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Christine Kiwi Coach
From Olympic Runner to Life Coach

 Life challenges come in all shapes and sizes. 
 Serious illness, athletic injury, mid-life, stress, time, sports anxiety, athletic performance.
Regardless of the challenge, one of the most important things you can do
to serve yourself is to manage your mind.
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What mindset lens do you want to use to
navigate your life challenges?
Did you know that mindset is always a choice,
regardless of the challenge?   
You can choose a lens that helps you
navigate fear, worry, anxiety, and overwhelm.
You can choose a lens that helps you over-ride the
mental chatter which limits your life performance.
You can choose a lens that guides you with purpose and determination to achieve the results you want. 
You can choose to amp up your mindset and champion through life challenges as your best possible version.
A word from my clients

"There was a radical shift after coaching with Christine. She not only gave me perspective on my thinking that I hadn’t been able to get before, she helped me shift my entire narrative, so I was primed to take action immediately. She coaches powerfully and gracefully to help you access your own insights. Thank you so much!"

- S.R.