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Welcome!  I am honored that you are here today reading my story, learning of my challenges and successes, and how my greatest accomplishment is becoming the champion of my mindset.  As a Life Coach, I help people just like me, to move beyond the challenges - big and small - to become the champion of their life. 

When I was four years old my mum was diagnosed with blood cancer. The message was, there’s no cure, and she probably won’t survive more than five years.  Family decisions revolved around her survival. My parents moved to Malaysia because a warmer climate was recommended by her doctor. I stayed in New Zealand where I went to boarding school and visited my parents during holidays, three times per year. 


While in high school I started running and became a New Zealand Champion at 3,000 meters. After graduating from high school I was offered a scholarship to run track and cross country for Oklahoma State University. I ran 100 plus miles a week for several years, succumbed to my share of injuries, but also achieved some amazing results: World Record Holder 3 Miles Indoors, NCAA Champion 3,000 Meters Indoors, World Cross Country 7th Place, and Olympian at 10,000 Meters. 


I lost my father to liver cancer while I was in college, but miraculously my mother has continued to defy the odds. Despite my success in running, I struggled with emotional pain and depression related to my family challenges and a childhood spent living away from home. I didn't have any mental health treatment, so I carried this emotional baggage with me for many years. 


When I became a Life Coach, I learned about my brain, how it was wired, and how to reprogram it so I could let go of the emotional trauma. This, coupled with medication, helped me to finally break free from my mental health issues to the extent that I could live with purpose again. Despite my success in running, becoming the champion of my own mind is my greatest accomplishment. 


Just as I coached myself back to happiness and fulfillment, I am here to coach you. I'll help you to look at your mind and flex your mental muscles so they work for you and not against you. There will never be a better time than now to take action and become the champion of your life. 


Thanks for stopping by,

Christine Kiwi Coach

A word from my clients


Hi Christine, I just wanted to say thanks for the life coaching thus far. As someone who struggled with poor mental health issues for many years, I have found  life coaching to be a new,  refreshing approach to mental health which I would be happy to recommend to anyone considering it.


Christine has been working with me weekly for months. She is adaptable. She is an amazing listener. She is never judgmental and  is easy to be honest with. She understands how to ask questions that force you to look within yourself.  She has helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life. I'm thankful for Christine and the positivity and emotional support she has provided me with. I fully recommend her genuine compassion and skill set to anyone in need!


I can't thank you enough for spending time with me, for being a trusted source, for being a friend, for being a marvelous coach, and for helping me to do the hard work that my negative thoughts wouldn't allow me to do. I have been able to apply that same mindset in other dysfunctional relationships; recognizing that I can only control me and the thoughts that I allow in. Thank you Christine for everything.